The ZotPass Program


The ZotPass Program

Starting Fall 2021, students on campus may be asked to “Show Your ZotPass!” to ensure compliance with the UC COVID-19 vaccination program, the Daily Symptom Check, and any applicable testing requirements.

The ZotPass integrates the Daily Symptom Check and compliance with the UC COVID-19 Program. The system will verify your compliance requirements and you will receive a confirmation ZotPass showing your status for the day.

ZotPasses look like this:

composite image of ZotPass examples

A “Green” ZotPass means that you will be allowed to enter an indoor location. A “Red” ZotPass means that you are not in compliance and may be restricted from accessing university resources and services.


How To Be In Compliance

  • Now Mobile graphicDaily Symptom Check
    Download ServiceNow mobile app (iOS | Android) or respond by email when you receive your daily symptom check email reminder.

  • Comply with the UC COVID-19 Vaccination Program
  • Participate in Regular Asymptomatic Testing
    • Ongoing COVID-19 testing of our campus community is vital to continue to maintain a healthy environment for all of us to thrive.
      • Unvaccinated students with an approved exception, exemption, or deferral must test weekly. Visit the Student Health Patient Portal to schedule your appointment. 
      • Undergraduate vaccinated students who live in student housing must test monthly. 
      • A random sample of vaccinated students, staff, and faculty must test monthly. Please respond to an email request for your participation in the testing program.

Students who are not in compliance with university directives may be subject to an administrative records hold and/or university disciplinary proceedings.


How Do I Acquire My ZotPass?

ServiceNow App Confirmation
When using the app, the screen prior to seeing the ZotPass looks similar to this:

example image of phone confirmation

Touch the ‘Show Confirmation’ button to acquire your ZotPass. (Note: This example shows a staff version.)

Email Confirmation
You will receive a daily email confirmation of your ZotPass.

ZotPass Guidance and FAQ for Staff and Faculty

What is the ZotPass?

  • Built on our experiences from the first iteration of the ZotPass used during the 2020-2021 academic year
  • This year’s ZotPass features integration with the following:
    • Compliance with the COVID-19 Vaccination Program
    • If the student is required to follow non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) such as face coverings.
      *Note: Due to the universal face coverings requirement, all students are required to wear face coverings.
  • Compliance with asymptomatic testing (if needed)
  • Compliance with the Daily Symptom Check
  • The ZotPass will not:
    • Reveal medical information.
    • Tell you the student’s vaccination status

How does it work?

  • Students submit their Daily Symptom Check via email or using the ServiceNow app.
  • Students will receive their ZotPass via email or by accessing the ServiceNow app.

What do the colors on the ZotPass mean?

GREEN ZotPass - Student is Compliant; No additional NPI's needed; student is current with Covid policies / protocols; student must comply with general campus guidance / requirements; student is current with asymptomatic testing protocols (if needed). 

RED ZotPass - Student is Non-Compliant with one or more Covid-19 related policy, directive, and/or protocol. Students with a RED ZotPass may be asked to leave the campus.

Where and when should I check ZotPasses?

We encourage you to check ZotPasses where practical. It might not be a good idea to check ZotPasses for a large event being held outdoors, when participants have sufficient space to move around. A large lecture may also be impractical especially when all the students are wearing masks. It would also be difficult to check every student during the changeover between the lectures when time is limited.

You may consider asking students to show their ZotPasses if they are entering your office space or you have a small program and you don’t have a time crunch.

ZotPass Posters

8.5" x 11"

invisible spacer

11" x 17"

8.5x11 poster 11x17 poster

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