What the Tech You Need to Know About Canvas


As we begin a primarily remote fall quarter, we wanted to share some resources to help ensure you have the right technology to set yourself up for success. Today, we're sharing a little more about the Canvas learning management tool.

Get Started with Canvas
Canvas is the online tool used by faculty to manage your classes. It’s your one-stop-shop for accessing all your course materials online. Accessing Canvas is easy. Navigate to: 
https://canvas.eee.uci.edu/ and log in with your UCInetID and password.

Canvas on the Go: For your convenience, download the Canvas Student App on your iOS Devices or Android Device. Learn more about the Canvas mobile app.

Your professors will typically update their Canvas sites with course materials such as syllabi, resources, assignments, and grades. When you log in to Canvas, you will be able to see this information for all the classes you are currently enrolled in. It’s always a good idea to check with your instructor to confirm where to find course materials.

Not seeing your course in Canvas? This may mean your course has not yet been published by your instructor. If you still aren’t seeing your course after classes have begun, you can always email your instructor to let them know you’re having trouble accessing the course.

Using Zoom in Canvas: Your professor may also use Zoom to deliver course content. To access Zoom in your Canvas course space, log in to Canvas and click on the Zoom link in the Canvas course’s navigation bar. Then, log into UCI Zoom with your UCInetID to connect.

If you experience issues with accessing or managing Canvas, you can get help by emailing eee-support@uci.edu during regular campus business hours.


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